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Industrial safety in the manufacturing industry (source: Agoria)

Which companies are doing well?

Recommendations for Better Cybersecurity in the Belgian Manufacturing Industry (source: Agoria)

Based on the report 'Cybersecurity in the Belgian Manufacturing Industry:
Which businesses are ahead of the game?

Industrial Cyber Sec Forum 2023: Protect your Industrial Infrastructure!
(source: TimGlobal)

This international event dedicated to cybersecurity will take place in the Van der Valk Hotel Nivelles-Sud, Belgium, on February 9, 2023. TIMGlobal Media is media partner.

Edge - Colt and IBM partner to create an Industry 4.0 lab
(source : DC Mag)

This new lab will enable industrial companies to leverage the power of secure Edge cloud services for their operations.

Security Navigator 2023
(source: Orange Cyberdefense)

Our Security Navigator 2023 report is available!

7 Cybersecurity predictions for 2023
(source : NordVPN)

A digital privacy expert forecasts what cybersecurity will look like next year

7 Cybersecurity, liability and IoT: CTOs have their work cut out for them in 2023 (source: DC mag)

First Living Lab 4.0 (industry) operational in Wallonia
(source : Regional-IT)

Industrial Cybersec Forum: Orhan Erenberk of TIMGlobal Media
shares his views
(source: Tim Global)